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Geeks Who Drink - Disney Quiz


Gold Spike
217 Las Vegas Blvd N 89101 Las Vegas United States
When you wish upon a bar
Makes no difference who you are
During the quiz, don't make a sound
And never joker the visual round.

Do you get a standing ovation for singing Under the Sea at karaoke? Are you still traumatized by the death of Bambi's mom? Can you feel the love tonight? We certainly can, so we're bringing you When You Wish Upon a Bar: A Disney Quiz on June 2nd. With 8 whole rounds on the house the mouse built, you'll want to bust out those old Disney VHS tapes and get studying!

This is our first trip to the magic kingdom, so listen close. The bulk of the rounds will consist only of theatrically released films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios with one BIG exception. Anything and everything Disney is fair game in round 8. It is "Random Knowledge" afterall. You've got three weeks to catch up on 80+ years of animated classics, so cuddle up with your Simba stuffed animal and get watching.

Admission is $5 per person and the winners will take home the cash pot. We're accepting cash only though, so leave this Disney Dollars at home. You might want to come prepared with more than one team name, though, because "The Happiest Quiz on Earth" will likely go fast.


Can people under 21 play? It’s up to the bar, and each venue’s going to be a little different. Check with them before you make any plans.

Should I wear a costume? YES! Some of our venues may have a costume contest if there's enough participation, but that's up to the venue and host.

How do you sign up? Where do you buy tickets? You don’t. Get to the quiz venue early (we recommend at least an hour minimum) with cash for your entry fee to ensure seating.

Is this a free quiz? No, it's $5 per person to play (bring cash!), and we'll ask you to pay for everyone on your team before we give you quiz materials.

What's the maximum/minimum players per team? There is no minimum, but if you want to win, you should have a fully staffed squad. Use our Facebook and Twitter to recruit. Team maximum is strictly six players, as always.

Do spectators have to pay? Yes. Yes, they do. Spectators generally have to pay for sporting events, right? This also goes for Geeks Who Drink employees that aren't working at the event and the people they make love to.

Can my dad/girlfriend/friend sit at our table and not play? No. Six people max seated at a table and all players must pay.

Is there a prize for second place? Nope, this is winner take all. But second place is impressive; you should be proud.

Will BLANK TOPIC be covered? Everything is fair game. Study hard. Apply yourself. And we never give clues.

How long will the quiz last? Our regular quizzes run about 1.5-2 hours, but themed quizzes require a bit more heavy lifting in terms of logistics, scoring and extra stuff we may have planned. Average is about 3 hours.